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Preserving Ice Cream Parlor and Soda Fountain Memories


The Ice Screamers is a collectors club founded in 1982. Our members specialize in collecting ice cream parlor and soda fountain memorabilia. The variety of items we collect is amazing: from scoops to freezers, glassware to moulds, ice cream cartons to penny licks, and much more. Any item with an ice cream or soda fountain - related theme is a potential collectible!

The first Ice Screamer newsletter in 1982 was mailed to 50 charter members. Since then, The Ice Screamers organization has grown to 450+ families in the United States and several countries around the world. Many of our members are recognized experts in ice cream collectibles, and a growing number own or operate vintage ice cream parlors and soda fountains with the best ice cream you'll ever taste!

We publish a quarterly newsletter filled with interesting articles about soda fountains and ice cream parlor collectibles. Members discover new information about their collectibles in every issue, and find people who share common interests. We also sponsor an annual convention held in late June in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Expenses associated with sponsoring these undertakings are paid through member dues and merchandise sales. Our all-volunteer board is dedicated to promoting interest, education and research of ice cream, ice cream parlors, and soda fountain history.

Our Purpose

  1. To give people a chance to share with others their common passion for ice cream, and to share in the enjoyment of the collection of its memorabilia
  2. To provide a forum for education and information sharing among collectors with an informal organization called The Ice Screamers
Soda Fountain Ice Cream Parlor treat

We Offer This Website:

  • As an opportunity for you to explore ice cream and soda fountain collectibles,
  • With the information for you to understand what our organization is all about, and
  • As an invitation for you to become an Ice Screamer!